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Questions, which are frequently asked to me

Are you able to predict the future from my hand?

Substantially it is more difficult to deliver hand prognoses, than to provide a personality profile. Not a few internationally renowned handanalysists doubt even the fact that this is functionable and do not work with it.

Prognoses are possible according to my experience, if one does not strain its statement extent: I seize thereby rather long-term developments as individual events, with a time sharpness of +/- one year. According to me the direct combination with Astrology or the horoscope is ideal in prognostic respects, because with it the important topics of individual life periods and the current year of life can be described quite well. The topics concern for example private or career changes, the beginning of better times, of something new or times of special meetings.

One condition therefore is that something is written in the hand about it. This can be very variable. I do not give prognoses about disease or death and I’m very careful to talk about health dispositions, if something is registered in the hand.

Today every kind of forecast follows one principle: "The future fluctuates and changes with each conscious decision, which the interrogator does. Each oracle shows, what will happen with a large possibility, if the interrogator continues as before. No aid indicates an irrevocable certain future. What we get with an aid is a probable future at the time of the oracle." According to Silver RavenWolf

If the character changes, the destiny, lines and indications change. 

One palmistry question from a guest


i have read your website, and you are the first person whom I would like to ask question from. i would like to know if a hand reader can predict our approximate length of life of somebody, please explain. If hand reader can predict or approximate the sombody's length of life, is it possible that hand reader predict the length of life in 5 or 10 minute seeing of somebody's hand? - please advise, await for your response.
thank you

Dear Rahi
Usually serious occidental astrologists or chirologists don’t use predictions of death because of the western ethics. Only doctors do it - and sometimes they deceive themselves. In my work with clients I use more or less only what I found proved by my own experiences and I don’t rely on books too much. I didn’t make examinations of just died people until now. So I’can’t give you an absolutely shure reply of your question, if there is someone who can predict death. It was said to me, that as a rule serious Indian palmists don’t pedict anything that lies more than 7 years ahead, because the signs of the hand can change. This is a rule I usually follow for other predictions. For excample I can tell, if the life force is getting less in a strong way from any special time of life, times of probably illness, or if there are any serious events ahead. This may be (not have to be) a point to come near to death. - The premiss is that there are any signs of that kind in the hand. If there are significant signs, it isn't to hard to find it out and to descripe it.
I think, one of the most important sentences is: The life events and forces are changeable.

Hoping I could help you.


Can anyone learn palmistry?

Basic elements can be acquired by everyone. Out of my view the art begins with the synthesis of the different characteristics and with the includence of the not perceptible one. In addition one should have good abilities in projecting and intuition. Mastery requires a special gift or appointment as with each profession and years of experience. This includes ethical attitud.