M Magg Handleser

I came to palmistry because of spiritual interests and questions about left-handers. More than 30 years ago I started to examine hands. I was trained in handreading by: 

Rita Issberner-Haldane (D) in Chirosophy and medical hand- and naildiagnosis,
Gertrud I. Hürlimann (CH) in Astro-Chirology,
Louise Kirsebom / Johan Hjelmborg (DK) in Astro-Chirology,
Richard Unger (USA) in handanalysis,
Vinday Aditya (Ind.) in vedic palmistry.

I was trained in astrological consulting with Ernst Ott and Eva Stangenberg (Karlsruhe), In 1995 I pass the examination of the German Astrologers Association. Then I opened a consulting bureau combining handreading and astrology.



  • 2020 "Traditionelles Handlesen", Chiron Vlg.
  • 2018 Guest lecturer at the Chengdu Waldorf School, Training Center, (PRC)
  • 2017 ZDF television broadcast about astrology
  • 2009 Master Hand Analysis - a year long course with Richard Unger
  • 2008 Analysis of B. Obama hand in the weekly journal "Bild am Sonntag", 2008-08-10
  • since 2006 Member of the advisory committee of the German Astrologers Association (DAV)
  • 2004 Delegate of the forum "Astrology and Ethics", World Congress Astrology Bale / Swiss
  • 2002 My book “Hand und Horokop” was published.
  • 1995 certified Astrologer of the German Astrologers Association
  • 1983 started with classical handreading
  • 1979 - 2017 Class teacher Waldorf teacher
  • 1979 Graduated at the Waldorf Teachers College in Stuttgart
  • 1975 Diploma engineer of physical engineering
  • Born in Stuttgart, Germany