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Manfred Magg certified Astrologer DAV - About me


The hidden messages of the perceptible have always fascinated me. Since as a Waldorf teacher I had to teach a lot of left-handed people and no one really knew anything about it, I began to research the hands in more detail. When I couldn't get any further with that, I looked for experienced palm readers. At the end of the 1980s there were only a few of them, but I found my first, brilliant teachers in Rita Issberner-Haldane and Gertrud Hürlimann.

Later I combined palmistry with astrology and I still believe that this is the best way to understand the characteristics of the hand. Astrology also provides a deep understanding of the different phases of life in order to better cope with crises and upheavals. After training and testing with the German Astrologers Association, I opened a consulting practice in Aichwald near Stuttgart in 1995.

In addition to psychological and classical astrology, the foundations of my work are the writings of Jean-Baptiste Morin and the Munich rhythm theory. Of all the methods I know, the latter agree best with the results of hand interpretation. I am just as familiar with traditional palm reading as with the more recent chirology and hand analysis. I'm breaking new ground in connecting it with astrology.

The final authority for my work with palmistry and astrology is what is confirmed and proven in my practice. - I do not give courses or individual lessons.

Vita Manfred Magg:

  • born in Stuttgart
  • Dipl. Ing. (FH) in physical engineering
  • Basic studies in painting and graphics
  • Studied at the Waldorf teacher seminar in Stuttgart
  • 1979 - 2017 Class teacher at a Waldorf school
  • 1992 - 1995 Training at the astrology school of E. Ott, E. Stangenberg
  • Certified astrologer DAV since 1995 with consulting practice near Stuttgart
  • since the end of the 1980s: Palm reading with R. Issberner-Haldane, G. I. Hürlimann (CH), V. Aditya (IND) and R. Unger (USA)
  • Guest lecturer for palmistry at the Berlin Astrology Center and at Hajo Banzhaf's Munich Astrology and Tarot School
  • 2002 book “Hand and Horoscope”, Chiron Verlag
  • Since 2006, with interruptions, he has been a mediator for the German Astrologers Association
  • 2008 Barack Obama - hand analysis in Bild am Sonntag
  • 2016 contribution to the ZDF program "The Power of the Stars", in the ZDF media library
  • 2018 Guest lecturer at the Chengdu Waldorf School, Training Center (VRC)
  • 2020 “Traditional Palmistry”, Chiron Verlag
  • 2021 "The Astrology of the House Rulers", Jean-Baptiste Morin, translation by M. Magg, Chiron Verlag

I learned palm reading from:

  • Rita Issberner-Haldane Chirology and medical hand and nail diagnostics
  • Gertrud I. Hürlimann (CH) Astro-Chirology
  • Louise Kirsebom / Johan Hjelmborg (DK) Astro-Chirology
  • Jürgen Steller Gypsy Palmistry
  • Richard Unger (USA) basic and master course in hand analysis
  • Vinday Aditya (IND) Vedic Palmistry.

Books on palmistry and astrology:

  • Hand und Horoskop: Hand and horoscope - What connects palm reading with astrology, Chiron Verlag 2002 (in German)
  • Traditionelles Handlesen: Traditional palm reading - The chiromancy and astrology of Johannes Rothmann, Chiron Verlag 2020 (G)
  • Die Astrologie der Häuserherrscher: The Astrology of the House Rulers, Astrologia Gallica, Book XXI, Jean-Baptiste Morin de Villefranche, revised by Manfred Magg, Chiron Verlag 2021 (G)