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Calendar about palmistry lectures and counsellings

Topical Artikles (nearly all in German) :


"The Hand of Hope" ("Die Hand der Hoffnung") 
An interpretation of  Barack Obamas hand in the weekly journal Bild am Sonntag issued on 10th August 2008, Hamburg.


"Reading the hands of the chancellor and his challenger"
Gerhard Schröders and Angela Merkels Hand and Horoscope, Nr.:116, August/September 2005 of ASTROLOGIE HEUTE - Magazine for Astrology, Psychology und Themes of the Future, Zurich.


"Tony Blairs hand and horoscope" - ASTROLOGIE HEUTE, Nr.: 115, June/July 2005


"Stars, gems, hands, rings, - "Sterne, Steine, Hände, Ringe"
Four articles about the relationship between the zodiac, gems, the elements, planets, fingers and references to charms and rings. It begins with the July/August edition 2004 of Meridian, a professional magazine for astrologists.


"Leni Riefenstahl and the might of pictures"
An article about the director, who made the well known NS-propaganda film of Reichsparteitag 1934 at Nürnberg on Adolf Hitler's instructions. Included are reproductions of her right hand, her birth- and dying chart. - November/December edition 2003 of Meridian, Freiburg.


"Dominante planets in hand and horoscope" (the English translation in basics)
A description, how to find out the most important element and planet in one's hand in an easy way. "Sternwelten" astrology internet pages, Juni 2003, Vienna.