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Hand und Horoskop

Was Handlesen mit Astrologie verbindet 

(Hand and Horoscope - How to combine palmistry and astrology)

250 pages with black/white illustrations;
published in German, Chiron Verlag, ISBN 3-925 100-92-X; price 18 Euro (G) 

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If you want to learn contemporary chirology (palmistry) and how to combine it with astrology, this book will show you an easy and professional way. The synthetic structure will lead you from the basics of chirology to the details together with astrological symbols in every state. A lot of drawings complete the text as well as hand pictures of well known people like Marlene Dietrich, Voltaire and Picasso. The book is suitable for beginners as well as for professional hand readers. It presents valuable knowledge as a result of a long years experience which makes you able to interpret hand and horoscope together. 


  • Left and right hand
  • Astrology for hand readers
  • Finger and talent
  • The A, B, C of lines
  • Does the life line say how long you’ll live?
  • Why is the heart line so important for your relationship?
  • The fate line: Our way from origin to future
  • The belt, which has captured the Venus
  • Fingerprints: What the police don’t know
  • How to get a hand print

..... and much more


Voices of the Press:

  • “I couldn’t even commentary three pages without looking in my own hand. Magg’s basic book is useful for self-discovery as well as an addition to the astrological practice.”Ernst Ott, ASTROLOGIE HEUTE, Zürich.
  • “Magg’s book is the result of practicing palmistry for years. The practical part is one of the big strengths of this book.”Clemens Ludwig in MERIDIAN, Freiburg.


Three Articles:

  • "Das Schicksal in Deiner Hand"
    "The fate in the hand": An article about the basics of astropalmistry. Content: History of palmistry, astrological elements in the hand, the hands and birth charts of Chomeini, Franz Werfel and Naomi Campbell.The astrological Cross of Matter in the hand, fingers and planets; mercur, Nr. 1, Jan./Feb. 2000, Münich
  • "Filmkunst, Chirologie und Astrologie: Josef von Sternberg - Schoepfer des Marlenemythos"
    "Film art, chirology and astrology: Joseph von Sternberg - Creator of the Marlene's myth": An article about the director, who made of Marlene Dietrich an international film star, including a photo, a print of his hand and his birth chart; March/April edition 2003 of Meridian - Fachzeitschrift für Astrologie, Freiburg/Br.


Other Articles: (all in German)

  • "Die Sterne in der Hand"
    - The basics of astrochirology, Nr. 122, August / September 2006, ASTROLOGIE HEUTE - Zeitschrift für Astrologie, Psychologie und Zukunftsthemen, Zuerich
  • "Reading The Hands Of The Chancellor And His Challenger"
    - Gerhard Schröder's and Angela Merkel's Händ and Horoscope, Nr.:116, August/September 2005 of ASTROLOGIE HEUTE Magazine for Astrology, Psychology und Themes of the Future, Zurich,
  • "Tony Blair's Hand And Horoscope"
    - Nr.: 115, Juni/Juli 2005, ASTROLOGIE HEUTE
  • "Stars, Gems, Hands, Rings - "Sterne, Steine, Hände, Ringe"
    Four articles about the relationship between the zodiac, gems, the elements, planets, fingers and references to charms and rings. It begins with the July/August edition 2004 of Meridian, a professional magazine for astrologists.
  • Leni Riefenstahl And The Might Of Pictures - "Leni Riefenstahl und die Macht der Bilder"
    An article about the director, who made the well known NS-propaganda film "Triumph des Willens" ("The triumph of the will") of Reichsparteitag 1934 at Nürnberg on Adolf Hitler's instructions. Included fotos, reproductions of her right hand, birth- and dying chart. - November/December edition 2003 of Meridian, Freiburg. Further information: www.meridian-magazin.de.
  • Dominant Planets In Hand And Horoscope, - "Dominante Planeten in Hand und Horoskop"
    A description, how to find out the most important element and planet in one's hand in an easy way. Look for: www.sternwelten.at, astrology Internet pages, June 2003, Wien. Meridian, Fachzeitschrift für Astrologie.
  • Astrology And Chirology: Basic Elements Of A Revised Palmistry - "Astrologie und Chirologie: Grundelemente einer revidierten Chirologie"
    Meridian, Febr. 2000, Freiburg