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- Julius Spier

- From Palmistry To A Revised Chirology

- Dominant Planets In The Hand And The Horoscope

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Are you able to predict the future from my hand?

Substantially it is more difficult to deliver hand prognoses, than to provide a personality profile. Not a few internationally renowned handanalysists doubt even the fact that this is functionable and do not work with it.

Prognoses are possible according to my experience, if one does not strain its statement extent: I seize thereby rather long-term developments as individual events, with a time sharpness of +/- one year. According to me the direct combination with Astrology or the horoscope is ideal in prognostic respects, because with it the important topics of individual life periods and the current year of life can be described quite well. The topics concern for example private or career changes, the beginning of better times, of something new or times of special meetings.

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Hand und Horoskop

Was Handlesen mit Astrologie verbindet 

(Hand and Horoscope - How to combine palmistry and astrology)


250 pages with black/white illustrations;
published in German, Chiron Verlag, ISBN 3-925 100-92-X; price 18 Euro (G) 

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