In ancient times palmistry and astrology were secret sciences. If we combine them with modern spirituality and psychology, we'll get a medium, which makes deep personal insights possible. It tells us how to live in harmony with the cosmic rhythms. For that reason the combination of hand reading and occidental astrology is my special subject. 

The hand and the horoscope are not the same. The hands do not reflect the full blueprint of the natal chart, but how it works. They show us a view of the same person as the natal chart, but from a different perspective. It is as if we are describing the same tree from different sides. The hands express which areas of the natal chart are currently activated in real life. In addition, they mark times for important life events.

Palmistry and astrology complete each other in an extensive way. It shows your weak and strong sides, as well as important events in your past life and future developements. This knowledge helps you to do the right thing at the right time.
Palmistry and astrology shouldn't suggest decisions to someone. They should help you to make decisions in an intelligent way.

You'll find more about astropalmistry and how to work with it in my book (in German): "Hand und Horoskop - Was Handlesen mit Astrologie verbindet". References to it and information about my articles are in... publications 

The part entitled Basics contains two articles:
I.: From palmistry to a revised chirology 
II: Dominant planets in hand and horoscope. 

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